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Web Design & Development is a core service at Splash Media Group with an extensive portfolio.  We specialize in designing and developing websites for those who need something very simple and economical, all the way up to those who require something much more extensive and engaging.  Our team at Splash builds websites under a two tear understanding; static and dynamic.  In the Static world we design and develop websites utilizing HTML, HTML5, and additional supportive dynamic elements.  These websites are affordable, safe, and virtually unhackable.  Splash also builds sites in a dynamic environment utilizing WordPress, Concrete5, DNN and Drupal.  These are much more robust sites and require ongoing maintenance and support.  We work with you and your business to determine what is the best fit through our site-mapping / wireframe process.

A website is an investment. An investment that positions your business to live directly where you customers / buyers are interacting constantly. Depending on what you are planning to do via the web, and how important it is to you to rank well with search engines like Google, should help determine how much you want that investment to be. If you currently have a website, or are looking at having your first website developed, it’s important to understand all of the typical elements that are common with building a website. Our Website Guide gives you quick understanding on all of these core elements, our Splash process for building and estimating projects, as well as a quick guide on what you can do to help keep your project on track and on budget.

Designing and Developing a website for your business is a process and our Splash team is ready to help you through this process. We can work with you to create a sitemap structure that works for your business, we then provide you with design visuals before anything is coded. Once approved we move into coding and building your web structure. While this is happening we will be looking for compelling photos and well written content. Two of the most important elements to making your website a success is compelling photography and well written content. We offer professional photography services at Splash to help ensure that you are showcasing your business and your services as best we can. We also offer content writing for those need it. Content writing can either be Splash going through the content it is supplied and optimizing it for SEO purposes (Search Engine Optimization), or we can work with your team to write your entire content from scratch. With any of our services, we are flexible and here to support you through this marketing journey.

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Search Engine Optimization

Google is a search engine, just like Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc., however between Google Canada and Google searches, they accounted for over 75% of all search traffic in 2010. When Splash develops your website we follow Google’s rules for the foundation (On-Page SEO) they need in order to read and rank you. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When your website is complete and ALL your information is in (we highly recommend to never publish your site without everything being complete first), we will submit it to Google for you. They will then ‘index’ your site quickly and you will START the ranking process with them. How you rank, how well you rank and how quickly you start to climb the search results depends on a number of elements.

  • Splash needs to do the foundation work they require for your website.
  • Content, either written by you or by Splash, needs to be optimized for SEO practices (this is explained further on Page 31), making your site ‘relevant’ to search requests.
  • How much traffic your website is generating.
  • How much competition you have around you in your industry. It may take a few months for your website to start to settle on the ranking scale. After a few months, if you are still not ranking how you would like, you may need to consider a complete SEO strategy.

If your SEO is not what you are comfortable with after a short time of your website being published then you will need to consider a stronger SEO strategy.  This is a detailed process that involves going through analytic data from your current website traffic, evaluating your competition, and creating strategies that will bring you to the top of the page.  Splash delivers these additional SEO services for many of our clients (SEO Review, Content Optimization, SEO Basic, as well as Off Page SEO services needed to assist in getting your website good ranking and traffic. This involves link building, Social Media interaction (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, Instagram), reviews, blogging (where necessary), proper engagement with your audience, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) directives. These practices are vital to improving traffic to your website and improving your ranking with search engines.

If you’re not ranking well with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, then SEO practices are something you need to consider as an ongoing marketing effort.

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eCommerce, more commonly known as online shopping or internet marketing, is one of the most effective advertising and business strategies available today. It gives you a customizable online store front that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In today’s web-savvy world, consumers expect more when they shop online. With this in mind, Splash has implemented ways for your customers to quickly find and buy your products, driving more sales and loyal repeating customers, all the while maintaining a safe and secure online atmosphere.

We will build a strategic eCommerce plan focusing on your strengths, while minimizing any risks and capitalizing on your competitor’s voids. By combining our expertise with your company’s needs and budget, the end product is a custom, easy-to-operate eCcommerce website with an effective content management process that makes updating your product offerings inexpensive and fast.

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