A key service offered at Splash is Brand development, an integral part of our business and a vital component to yours.

Branding is one of those marketing terms that can be confusing. To put it as simply as we can, Branding is your business’s perceived personality. It’s important to highlight the word ‘perceived’, because your Brand is not about what YOU think your business personality is, it’s what OTHERS think. People will judge your business based on their interactions with your marketing, with client relationships and internally as you communicate and manage your staff. This is why controlling your Brand is so important.

Splash Media Group can work with you in many aspects of your Brand, but primarily we are asked to help with your external visual elements. This includes your Brand Identity (your logo), your Visual Identity (Graphic structure supporting your logo), key messages and defining who you should be talking to. Your logo, or ‘Brand Identity’, identifies your business visually. Like your fingerprint or your personal name, this is only a small element of who you really are. A strong Brand Identity is one which starts the conversation about you, or captures who you are, and communicates effectively to your target market. Your Visual Identity is visual enhancements, used in a consistent manner, that help form a perception of your business. We explain this in a visual sense, however for those companies who use audio as a main form of marketing, Branding can also be executed in this media as well.

Please see our portfolio to see how our process can help a business like yours. As well, please have a read through our Branding guide to give you a more in-depth view on Branding and our Splash process.

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