Social Media Marketing

An important part of a strategic marketing plan

Social Media has become an irreplaceable asset in the portfolio of a business’s marketing plan.

Social Media icons

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to have a presence. With world and local events constantly changing, social media became not just a marketing tool, but an important communication platform. However, much like any other marketing endeavor, there is a way to do it properly to ensure you are maximizing all the benefits it has to offer. At Splash, we have built our experience and success from basing campaigns and brands on strategy. There is no question that social media definitely works most optimally when a properly created strategy is the foundation.

Who hasn’t sat down and thought “I’m going to do this, I should have no problem posting a few times a week”. It’s something we at Splash have heard a lot! Unfortunately we also know the outcome; what happens is that you have a job, and not one that usually includes a digital communications plan, photography and video production, graphic design and a knowledge and skill in paid social marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). This is where we can take this off the corner of your desk; We have experience working with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

Organic vs Paid

Social media works the best when there is a combination of organic and paid posting; Organic is the regular posting that is done right to your page without any paid promotion, this is the content that shows your relevancy, can increase your credibility, show history and maybe a more personal side of your business (if it’s done right). Organic complements the other advertising you do as it can be referenced as an online resume. It’s important to remember, what you post should still be professional, on brand and speaks to the right audience on the right platform.

Paid advertising is marketing to your chosen demographics within that platform. Each social media channel has their own unique demographics and voice. Splash can create a custom strategy and campaign for the platform(s) that is right for you along with writing, designing, creating, shooting, producing, executing, analyzing and maintaining your paid campaigns. These choices can be overwhelming for most people if they don’t live in the social media world, and even so, social media for business is entirely different than social media for personal use.

Social media can be an important part of your marketing plan because:

  • It’s financially scalable: Social media is extremely cost effective, you can do things on a small budget or increase your presence by doing advertising within the platform. Either way, you are reaching people you didn’t before.
  • It can improve customer service: It gives you a chance to respond to concerns, complaints or positive feedback, in an immediate and public way. Negative comments aren’t always a bad thing if you can show how much you care about your customers and making things right. Goodwill goes a long way.
  • It can help you promote things in a timely manner: Did your hours or services change? Did you suddenly decide to sponsor an event, have a sale or have a great photo opportunity at your location? Social media gets your message and information out much quicker than traditional media or flyers with the added benefit of your network to encourage engagement.

Social media is something that needs to be planned properly, much like other modes of marketing. Splash can work with you through the process of set up, creation of graphics and video and total management of your social media. We work with you as much or as little as you require, always keeping your message and brand consistent.

Social Media Optimization

Branding visually as well as ensuring that all your touchpoints are aligned properly for your social media channels is very important in today’s world. For those who are currently engaging your customers on social media channels, ensuring these marketing platforms flow with your brand is important. On top of brand consistency, social media platforms like Facebook have rules of what you can display in these spaces and what you can not. Splash can give your social media the punch it needs visually, and the brand consistency you want for marketing cohesiveness. This is your first step to a strong, well branded, social media platform.

Effective Marketing through Social Media

Once your social media platforms have been optimized, we need to start a plan on what to say, how to say it and how often you should be posting. With platforms like Facebook, we need to engage your audience without being boastful.  We need to educate and entice without seeming pushy.  We need to engage and encourage communication without being negative.  We need to make a visual impact while staying within Facebook’s rules, and we need to be CONSISTENT!

Splash can help generate a plan for all of this.

We can work with you to create some realistic goals and then either work with a member of your team to execute the posts, or we can do it for you. Either way, done properly, there is no question social media can achieve big things for you.