Drawing customers to your business through digital marketing efforts, through either traditional or digital media options, is something Splash Media Group has done since our inception.

We start by understanding your customers and then create inbound marketing content that aligns with their interests.  We then either work with our clients (or we can handle it for them) to distribute this content through various online channels such as email, social media, website, apps, and blogs, to connect with your business.

Splash helps our customers with inbound marketing by providing engaging content, lead nurturing, content marketing and marketing strategies.  Marketing your business is a summary of all our services, everything we do to help you build your brand, engage your audience, and capture qualified leads.

Digital Marketing Solutions

The marketing world is in the process of a dramatic shift.  Our daily habits have changed and with that the effectiveness of traditional media is suffering.  If you want to market to your customers in today‘s world, you need to be looking at digital marketing solutions.  Splash Media Group can move your marketing efforts to being focused, engaged and measurable.

Digital marketing in simplistic terms is interactive marketing using one or more forms of electronic media. In a more detailed description, it is a measurable, targeted way of reaching and converting potential customers into a purchasing decision.  It is a highly effective way of tracing a customer through the entire buying process.  It can be anything like an online display ad on a website, utilizing Google advertising on the Search or Display networks, banners within mobile apps, video and rich media within YouTube or things like podcasts, electronic billboards or anything that can be analyzed, measured or changed in real time. Digital marketing can be overwhelming and time consuming since its an almost daily analysis of what is working and what is not. Fortunately one of the major services that Splash can provide (much like our traditional media campaigns) is creating, implementing and maintaining your online marketing. A digital campaign is and should be another way of your brand reaching available customers looking for what you have to offer.

Media Management

Media Management is about knowing what to spend and where to spend it.

How much should you allocate to your advertising budget, where to spend it, and what is effective advertising, are questions we hear every day. Splash Media Group has a lengthy 25+ year history of building advertising budgets, putting together multi-level campaigns, and buying / managing media.

Our role with you and your advertising approach can vary. We can assist you with these decisions in either a consulting capacity, or in a full-time management role. We only advise/purchase what you need, what will complement your overall strategy, and what fits your budget.

From traditional media, to social media, to out-of-home media options, to on-line digital media buying solutions, Splash can help ensure that your marketing plan is engaging and effective.

Want to see what an effective marketing campaign can do for you? Contact us today.