Digital Marketing

Building brands through measurable marketing campaigns

If Digital Marketing has not yet been a part of your business’ marketing strategy… it’s time to get excited.

Digital marketing in simplistic terms is interactive marketing using one or more forms of electronic media. In a more detailed description, it is a measurable, targeted way of reaching and converting potential customers into a decision.

It is a highly effective way of tracing a customer through the entire buying process. It can be anything like an online display ad on a website, utilizing Google advertising on the Search or Display networks, Google my business (hours, reviews and online assets) banners within mobile apps, video and rich media within YouTube or things like podcasts, electronic billboards or anything that can be analyzed, measured or changed in real time. Digital marketing can be overwhelming and time consuming since it’s an almost daily analysis of what is working and what is not. However, it may just turn you into a data junkie when you see how quickly your marketing or recruitment efforts can change and adapt quickly to conditions. Combined with your website SEO strategy, digital marketing delivers!

Dedicated to Digital

Fortunately one of the major services that Splash can provide is creating, implementing and maintaining your online marketing. Splash is not only a Google Partner agency, we also have more than half of our team dedicated to digital efforts. A digital campaign is and should be another way of your brand reaching available customers looking for what you have to offer. Can you do this on your own? Possibly, if you were an expert in SEO, design, marketing strategy, copywriting, just to name a few. Remember that item you left in your shopping cart that is following you around the web? We can do that. That beautiful tractor ad you see on the weather app you check every day? We can do that.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to have a measurable marketing campaign that reaches your target audience, increases your web traffic and builds your brand, let’s get started.