Photography and Video

Take your marketing from ordinary to extraordinary.

You’ve worked hard to make your business unique and special. We look to capture and promote this through engaging photography and video.

Visual presentation is one of the most important aspects we do at Splash Media Group, and video / photography is a key part of it. A well worded message will leave an impression, but mix that with a compelling image and you have the recipe for maximum impact. Professional video and photography will take your advertising and marketing presence from ordinary to extraordinary.

Visual Storytelling

With our video and photography services, we aim to capture the essence of your business or service through unique angles, proper lighting, depth of field, and creative story telling. Photography for marketing is sometimes different then traditional photography as we need to make sure that we have adequate space and room for text (headlines and body copy) as well as graphic treatments.

Splash has the gear, knowledge and expertise to shoot in some of the most challenging environments or communities have. We have a lengthy history of producing quality images ideal for enhancing your business and making an impact on your marketing material.