Logo design is the single most important marketing element to your business.

Your logo, or brand identity, is an integral part of your brand profile. It’s a symbol of your company, provides that visual first impression, and gives your business the credibility and professionalism it deserves. A strong logo that communicates well can project an image of stability, strength, prestige, and comfort that your potential clients need to feel in order for them to believe in you. Splash Media Group can either help create a new logo that will complement your business, or if you already have a logo, we can evaluate it to ensure it will be a positive element to your brand profile. Check out our logo portfolio.

Logos help identify who you are, not necessarily explain what your company is all about. To help explain this a bit further, think of a logo as a person. You are known by your name – John, Sarah, etc. – not a physical description of yourself (the guy with red hair and freckles), and not a description of your personality (the bubbly girl who always has a smile on her face). In this same way, a logo should not literally describe what the business does but rather, identify the business in a way that is recognizable and memorable. Not only does your logo need to make a lasting statement, it needs to be designed in a way that makes it easy to use in various applications. Otherwise it will simply cost you more money down the road to have it manipulated for certain usages.

Splash Media Group offers logo options for all new business ventures, existing businesses who are looking to evolve their logo to a more updated look, as well as specialty logos for anniversaries, special events, etc.

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