Professional audio production for radio and television commercials, on-hold messaging, presentations, and more.

There is a special skill to be creative, yet still get your message to be understood when producing audio for radio or TV commercials, online applications, presentation materials and more. Splash features a portable recording studio that enables us to capture either professional voice talent or non-professional voice talent.

For radio commercials and on-hold messaging, Splash believes in theatre-of-mind type production. We like to take the time to build visual images through sound enhancements like proper background audio, ambient audio, and engaging sound effects. For video we also use many of these techniques and tend to put more focus on creating audio that enhances your message.

From scripting, to production, to delivery, Splash can create a unique audio presence for your business. We have a great network of voices available to ensure that your firm will have the unique edge it deserves.

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